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I went through the Holistic Alignment Program at a time of professional stagnation, when I was paralyzed with the fear of failure. The first two sessions were a revelation! I felt the energy that Morgane captures so well, flowing inside my body.And intense work between sessions. With the Economic Tree of Life, I visualized all the dimensions of my project, from its origins in my personality to the clients’ target, and the means to implement and achieve it concretely. All of this, in connection at the same time with my feelings and my rationality. I came out of this experience strengthened and enthusiastic, having a more successful, more personal, meaningful business project.


As a graphic facilitator, I mainly work in B2B, reproducing the essence of business meetings in drawings. The COVID crisis and the new paradigm reversed

Philippe R

Due to a myriad of reasons, my parents neglected me and abused me psychologically. I grew up full of sadness, abandonment.

This trauma made me feel inadequate and undeserving of love. It made me have a grim sight. Diagnosed with chronic depression I felt that i wasn't improving much despite having regular pysichoanalys. I told

Morgane how I was feeling, she helped me with her gift to exert energetic healing. After a month or so of her wonderful energetic work I have been able to catch myself when I'm ruminating  about my parents and am capable of changing my thought pattern. I don't feel the heaviness in my soul anymore that kept me sad and miserable.

I'm looking forward to let go of my past entirely, it hasn't happened yet but I know I'm in the right direction.

Isabelle R

I recently started a new Sales Director position, where I am the only woman and the youngest member of the board of directors. I face many challenges to make my voice heard, combined with daily pressure in covid time. After the first holistic session, the subtle and powerful rituals that Morgane advised me, had an overwhelming effect. I had to incorporate periods of silence and emptiness in my agenda, mainly while traveling. In less than a month, I gained peace of mind and took a step back. My professional relations feel the difference, their attitude towards me has changed. I am calm and efficient as I get more work done in less time.

Christelle F

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Marie - Astrid

Legal tech start up
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Personal development by spiritual awakening


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Student in International Business

Developping her professional project

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