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One Shot Program

1 session

Starting the one shot program with an intention, requires above all perseverance, sincerity with oneself and the will to work in depth on your business as well as yourself.

This holistic experience is for leaders / entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs who feel the need to (re)align with their business. Whether you are looking for deeper meaning, or feeling burnt out, this experience will contribute to reveal your intrinsic value, your own mission as a leader, along with your businesses purpose. The goal is to align the whole, bring this coherence into action to foster synergy and economic prosperity. Your personal implication to go deep, to leave your comfort zone, will be a strong contribution to release both potentials: the leader and the business.

For this one off session, we will dedicate to a single intention you wish to work on in relation to your business. Morgane will drive you through a deep holistic experience, to identify some blockages, work through them, to unblock energy and work on your intention. Thus realigning yourself and the business. Based on your needs or revelations, we will design together exercises and rituals to complete this holistic experience allowing the experience to be anchored and reconnect durably to your essence. The more precise the question asked or intention set, the more precise the solution. This can also be considered a booster session for those who have already done a program.

Each session is confidential and will remain between you and Morgane.
Sessions can be done on site (Paris 8) or remotely via Zoom.

To download Product sheet click on the link below


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