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Business Transformation

Governance Program

4 sessions

Starting the alignment program requires above all perseverance, sincerity with oneself and the will to work in depth on your business as well as yourself.

This holistic experience is dedicated to founders / partners/ COMEX who feel the need to (re)align with their business, together and between one another. Whether you are starting a new business, looking for a sense of purpose, or direction, this experience will contribute to emerge and design the Business Purpose, the goals that tie you together, and drive each member of your group and team.
Through this program, together, you will be realigning your values with that of your companies, integrating it in its ecosystem in with all its power. This will allow harmony to enter and create synergy within the company and bring success. By going deep, by leaving your comfort zone, we will unleash the potential of the leaders and the Business'. The first two sessions will focus on introspection, the other two will focus on implementation and action.


The first step is to decode the emotional, what is important to you, to you as a physical person as well as your company as an entity, and its purpose.
Then, it is to integrate these vibrations into the economic model of the company, project, challenge in question.
I approach the individual, whether it is the leader or the company, in a holistic way, with its successes and its shadows, and especially the alignment between the two.
This allows us the reveal the potential of both. I help you get out of your comfort zone and connect to what is essential to give meaning to your decisions and actions.

You will :

Empty your mind, get ready to receive fresh ideas and concepts

Confront your view to that of the other participants

Define and redesign interactions between partners

Align your goals and vision for success

Consolidate, concretise the common goal and focus on it

Write the common road map

Results will include:

Concrete, immediate and personalised actions

Identification and dissolution of blockages

Exercices and rituals to complete holistic experience

Profound and visible changes

Each session is confidential and will remain between you and Morgane.
Each session can be done remotely via Zoom or on site (your premices)

To download Product sheet click on the link below


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