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Business Transformation

Aligning people, aligning numbers to foster synchronicity

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years business and finance

years entrepreneur in business transformation

years investor Business Angel

Teacher at Business schools

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Corporate Shaman

Bringing harmony between business and intangible world

Creating alignment :

Leaders' Mission  
Business Purpose
Economic Prosperity

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Mind intuition business transformation


An ability that makes it possible to understand or know something, based on your feelings rather than facts, without any proof or evidence.

Holistic approach


Taking into account the whole of something or someone and not just the part; mind and body.

Synchronicity of three points business transformation


A series of events that are deeply meaningful coincidences, that may not appear related at first.

Butterfly effect, big impact on business transformation

Butterfly Effect

Small changes, actions and intentions, that will have a very large effect on your life, personal as well as professional.

Biomimicry imitation of nature and business transformation


Biomimicry is taking inspiration, learning from natures processes and solutions to find answers to our own challenges.

New paradigm, new change, business transformation

New Paradigm

A new set of beliefs that can replace the old that no longer applies or resonates with someone.

One shot alignment

A one-off business transformation session. You will define the intention or challenge you wish to work on, in relation to your business.

Business alignment

The holistic experience will contribute to reveal your intrinsic value and mission. Then, it will transform your business and find its greatest purpose. And finally, align them together and find their synergy so they may work in perfect harmony.

Governance and business

This business transformation program is dedicated to (co)founders / entrepreneurs / COMEX members. Those that feel the need to (re) align with their business, as well as with the rest of the team. This holistic experience will allow the business purpose to emerge and the best strategies to be designed. It will bring out the goal(s) that tie you and the rest of the group together.

Strengthening of the alignment

Over a period of time, a personalised plan will be established to fortify the work done in the Business Alignment program. A strategy will be developed according to the goals set by you.

Capsule videos

These are short videos to be watched, including  my background, how I became a Corporate Shaman, and much more.

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